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Freddy Rodriguez was nominated Best Actor by IMAGEN foundation
Freddy Rodriguez has been nominated as "Best Actor in TV Series" by the Imagen Foundation as Bg_Roman kindly posted at IMDB Message Board

And  twittered on her account:
"Congrats @FreddyRdriguez for your Imagen Awards nomination for Best Actor
in #Chaos! All your fans are rooting for you!"

This is really great news!

The award venue will be held on August 12th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom. Okay, we're not invited but guess who would probably be there? You guessed it: Freddy Rodriguez! 

And this is not something new to him. He had previously been recognized by the foundation. "Six Feet Under" got him three awards and one nomination as "best supporting actor". This is the first time he's nominated Best actor in a TV series. I really believe it's already an honor.

So, good luck, Freddy! We loved your work at CHAOS! You deserve that award!
More details about the26th Imagen Foundation awards and other nomination here.


Freddy Rodriguez has joined TWITTER
Ay, caramba! One of the most talented latino actors of these days has decided to keep in touch with his fans via Twitter. (

Freddy Rodriguez has been a busy-bee working hard to build his career and it does pay off. It's impressive just browsing through his prolific acting career amassed within a few years. Hey, he's already a veteran at his 36 years of age!

And he has also taken time for his family. He seems like a very caring father and husband. In a celebrity world where healthy relationships are not the trend, he has openly expressed his devotion for his family and his religious beliefs.

And now it's time for the Fans!!! Being a Getty Girl and Freddy Fanatic used to involve a lot of patience and determination. I don't even want to remember those winter cold days of 2009 when I thought he'd disappeared from the face of the planet ( . We hardly got any feedback from our leading man besides the ones allowed by the media: magazine articles, interviews and some scattered press conferences. Most of the times, we had to dig really deep to find about his upcoming projects, his interests and personal impressions about his work or the acts of his fans.

But all that is about to change. We can now hear about them from The Man himself. He opened his twitter account on April this year and he's no shy poster, he tweets all kinds of information: from work, from life, from hobbies and... he's also keen to answer our eager questions. Oh! happy days for Freddy fans!
Follow ChiTown Boy tweets @FreddyRdriguez
Freddy Rodriguez has joined Twitter

Kaoru Mori's beautiful art brought me back to life
So yeah, I have always been fascinated with drawing. Just found out that Kaoru Mori (creator of my favorite manga "Emma") has a new manga called Bride's Stories (Otoyomegatari) and her art iust as beautiful as ever.

Her office:
Kaoru Mori officeKaoru Moru Emma

Kaoru Mori (Natalie Comic) site is:

There are amazing vids of how she crafts her art. Here is one:

Oh I can't wait to put my hands in ink and paper and bring my old forgotten characters back to life.

Hummm, I guess is time to start back posting once I clean some dust off this ancient journal.
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Freddyfanatics: Freddy Rodriguez fans have a new forum
Getty Love is wonderful
Yes! All Freddy Rodriguez and former Getty Girls and Guys (Gio and Betty Ugly Betty fans) can meet once again in a brand new FANSITE!
From the creators of Modegirl-Sandwichguy and  here comes a new gathering place where we can share all things Freddy Rodriguez related.

From our undying passion for Gio and Betty from Ugly Betty to the upcoming projects of Freddy Rodriguez as Reed in CBS´s C.H.A.O.S
Freddy Rodriguez fans at
Everyone is welcome and it´s FREE!!!
Join us at the forum:

Or visit the main site. 
It´s still under construction. But if you are acquainted with Freddy Fanatics works. You´ll know how great this will become!

Also visit Freddyfanatics @ livejournal

Or join @ Facebook


MoonCake under the light of the Super Harvest Moon
Sure, this has been a wonderful week.

Thanks to my Chinese teacher (yes, now I am learning Chinese again), she introduced me to the Mid-Autumn Festival or MoonCake Festival. So I went with my colleagues to have lunch at our local Chinatown (more like china-street) and got a bite at the famous Mooncake.

And this is the Mooncake
Not a flattering picture. It was filled with pineapple. And I liked the taste.

The celebration is related to this once-a-year phenomena called Harvest Moon. I have known of it in western culture and I was delighted that I didn't miss it this year. The moon was magical. And I got to learn that it was also a Super Harvest Moon. Because we got to see a glimpse of Jupiter and Saturn close to our beloved satellite.

The moon
Harvest Moon 2010

The best shot I could get with my mobile. That little dot by the right side of the moon is Jupiter.

Super Harvest Moon in Toronto.

Gio is back!! Ugly Betty episode 4x18 - Spoiler Preview and Pictures

Last night, I could barely contain myself when i saw once again Gio inside my  TV. My heart jumped out of joy... those few seconds, when they played the teaser trailer for the upcoming episode showed up. The Guy is back! and he's definitely OUR GIO!!!

It's been such a long time since I've felt this way. I love how Betty Suarez meet him accidentaly in London (The name of the episode 18 is "London Calling"). I truly belive it's fate... and their encouter is so them!! (Betty keeps bumping into Gio and she keeps "pulling him back in" towards her... they can't be away... they are meant to be TOGETHER).

Oh dear. It reminds me of the thrill all over the web and at work, when we expected the magic that Gio and Betty displayed in our screens. Its one of my favorite Ugly Betty promos. It really couldn't have been better. It's so Getty, i can almost cry out of joy!!!

Ugly Betty episode 4.18 Gio is Back!! fake promo (Gio/Betty)

(courtesy of angel25)

Freddy Rodriguez as Gio Rossi in Ugly Betty episode 4x18 London Calling
Freddy Rodriguez as Giovanni Gio Rossi in Ugly Betty episode 4.18 London Calling
Freddy Rodriguez as Gio Rossi in Ugly Betty episode 4.18 London Calling ABC

(courtesy of PurpleNiobe)

More Gio and Betty Promotional Pictures next...Collapse )

Ugly Betty final episode news: Gio Rossi is back to Betty!!!
Getty Love is wonderful
Finally the producers of Ugly Betty will cook what fans have been craving for years: spicy hot Giovanni Rossi to our TV screens! Like the most exotic dish, our mouths just water from expectation. The show has been feeding us with entrees for two complete seasons now  while we've been shouting our lungs out for the main course: forget Henry, forget the lame stories with Matt Hartley or the potential scenes with Daniel the needy boy... WE JUST WANT GIO!

And just a few days ago there were pictures of Freddy Rodriguez and America Ferrera filming scenes in New York.
And Betty's fan favorite boyfriend Gio is finally back with his usual latin sex appeal: all clad in black, wearing his famous leather jacket, his  jeans, his candid boyish smile and... a more mature look (yay! for the facial hair). 

Freddy Rodriguez and America Ferrera play Gio and Betty for Ugly Betty season 4 finale
Freddy Rodriguez and America Ferrera filming an Ugly Betty scene in New York
(march 2, 2010)
Startrack. Freddie Baez.

They look so happy together, bringing once more that tangible chemistry that the actors share on screen. This power latino couple (known by the 'shipping' name of Getty) has fed the hearts of tons of fans all over the world ever since episode 3 of season 2 with their laughs, dreams, their witty banter and playful argument. Its still a mystery the reason why the writers and producers of the show failed to secure a longer contract with Freddy Rodriguez for his popular character Gio to play a bigger role during the dreadful season 3 and the current season 4. Surely, the rating numbers would have prevented the show's ultimate cancellation.

But what's done its done and the Getty Girls and Guys can finally shout to the four winds: GIO IS BACK!!!

Freddy Rodriguez is Gio Rossi in Ugly Betty finale
Freddy Rodriguez will play Gio Rossi again in Ugly Betty's 4th and final season

This has to be one of the best news we, Ugly Betty fans, have got in ages and I'm obviously not the only one thrilled over the upcoming young latino entrepreneur re-appearance. Miranda Noland, from the Latina Magazine said: "Together Again: Betty and Gio (AKA America Ferrera and Freddy Rodriguez) are all smiles when they are reunited on the set of Ugly Betty. Maybe Betty will live happily ever after..."

Happily ever after. I am really looking forward for more witty and dazzling Getty (Gio/Betty) scenes. We all agree that Betty is so different when Gio is around: she shines!!

So... ABC bring on that sizzling hot piece of meat of sandwich guy!  We're starving!

Ugly Betty finale Gio is back!

More news and on the set photos of the pair...Collapse )Freddy Rodriguez as Gio Rossi on the set of Ugly Betty
More news and on the set photos of the pair...Collapse )

Freddy Rodriguez plays the lead in Fox drama "Chaos"

Back in the game
I'm back in the game!

Reported by
Freddy Rodriguez likes Chaos
February 10th, 2010
Freddy Rodriguez joins Brett Ratner's CBS pilot

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under) will be starring in CBS' Brett Ratner-directed drama pilot Chaos for Fox.

The show, from 20th TV, follows rogue CIA operatives "who combat bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting."

Rodriguez will play the part of a dedicated and naive agent who feels he can make the world a better place.

The news we've been waiting for! Freddy Rodriguez is BACK! and as a CIA detective who wants to make the world a better place.

WOW! Wasn't expecting this! He comes back with a BANG!
He is an amazing actor and drama is his forte. I really can't wait to see him in this role. It's a shame Silvio Horta didn't secure him for a longer role in Ugly Betty (he was outstanding playing outsmart and witty Gio Rossi for the show)... I remember one interview Freddy said he was going to change TV for Film and producing work. But I'm so glad he realized of the potential he has back on TV.

I CAN'T say how excited I am for this.

We are Getty Girls... we're probably going to be the Chaotic Girls. The fanbase he built over the years will probably re-gather soon enough. I really can't wait!

Where is Freddy Rodriguez?
Freddy Rodriguez

I was browsing the new releases films inside my local rental store when I noticed "Nothing Like the Holidays" DVD on the shelves. The DVD was released on july this year and it was only natural they would relaunch it for this years holidays. But my God! I thought, it's been almost a year since Freddy Rodriguez appeared in any movie or in any news article on the web... what's going on in here?

We saw him portray amazing characters all over the years 2007 and 2008. He was hot! Right after his incredible performance as Rico Diaz in Six Feet under we followed his talented latino self in several blockbuster movies and independent films. He was on the news and he made news everywhere! He started building a growing fanbanse all over the world. Specially when he returned back to the TV screen and brought to life the popular character Gio in the show Ugly Betty.

Then, he disappeared. Just like that. There were talks about his filming "Julito Maraña" in Puerto Rico; about a new movie with popular stars such as Whitaker and Sharon Stone; even an apocalyptic production called "Fortuna".

But so far, nothing.

How about showing his face in public? He was nominated for his outstanding performance in "Nothing Like the Holidays" at the ALMA awards and he didn't even showed up that night. This year he's pretty much disappeared from the face of the Earth.

His agents should know better.

I pray this year 2010 bring back the talent Freddy Rodriguez to us. Hopefully we will hear about him coming back to Ugly Betty and play as Gio Rossi. Now that would be the perfect Christmas gift!

/end rant

If I never knew you - a Getty tribute video
Getty Love is wonderful

From the series Ugly Betty. Gio Rossi and Betty Suarez sing to their love, with no regrets because it was the most truthful and genuine romance in the whole show.A little tribute. The song was picked by nena84

Video #26


Watch this Video in Youtube

Jon Secada & Shanice - If I never knew you
Rant: Ay! I want to see romance, and banter and funny episodes again... How I dislike Matt Hartley and the silly Betty of season 3!
I want my old Betty back and... moreover, I want Freddy Rodriguez' Gio back!!


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