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B's garden:

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Candy Candy the final story book and a drawing
Deviant 2
Thanks to this excellent blog entry (which I've read countless times) I am determined to buy the Novel "Candy Candy final story". It's in japanese, of course, but I've been trying to work on my knowledge of the language for years. So that will also keep me motivated.

It looks like I can find the books in Amazon.com:

Meanwhile, yesterday, in this parts of the World was Mother's day. So I took some minutes to finish my ensemble composition.

William Albert and Candy in the office

Blog entry is titled

Anohito - Candy Candy Final Story untangled

written by Bequi.
It takes on the final work of the final version of the story by Candy Candy writer Kyoko Mizuki. I highly recommend you reading this analysis.
There's also a spanish version: http://journal.bequi.com/2012/03/anohito-candy-candy-final-story_02.html