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B's garden:

My personal garden where Hobbies and Passtimes grow

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Deviantart: Coloring Candy Candy Chibis and some other updates
Deviant 2

Trastuspies, a deviant artist encouraged me to paint this old 2007 sketch.
(Candy Candy Fanart)
Candy Candy chibis Wiliiam Albert Candy Terry Neil Archie Stear Anthony
Click to enlarge and go to deviantart
Disclaimer:  No intention to offend any fan with this art. This is just for fun.

I'm on my 30's and I'm still fascinated with that story of clumsy and spirited Candy Candy. Even more of her love interest: William Albert, the Prince of the Hill (and what a multimillionaire catch! Way to go, girl!)

Kyoko Mizuki, the writer, did a good work with this loveinterest (at least in the manga) he represents the amalgam of all the best feautures of Candy's love interests.
  • He had Antony's looks and his sensitibity (or was it the other way around?)
  • He had the smarts, the laughter and adventurous nature of Stear *sob* *sob*
  • He had elegance and nice clothes like Archie (specially when he is William)
  • He had the money like the Leagans
  • He had the passion, rebelliousness and a certain sexy air of mystery like Terry (my anime crush back in my teen years)
Plus, Mizuki also added some mirror qualities of the heroine: He loves nature, is always smiling, has her free spirit and speaks his own mind. Yes, I'm such an AlbertFan... hehehe.

Well, it was supposed to be a quick job but for some reason the lineart took a hell-ish long to be done. And coloring is always a pain. I wonder when I'll be able to do a quick painting. My main problem is color picking. I am so blind when it comes to colors.  It wasn't so difficult to me when I used to do "real" painting with oil and canvas. But anime digital painting is a whole new story. I think I'm going to go back to my old books and try some old color theories. I really need to learn to pick colors more wisely.

I'm not totally satisfied with this result but I did like how the cheeks turned out. Neil and Stear are my favorites.

Well, putting the drawing aside. I also went back and revisited some old Anime. Actually I only saw a few episodes about 15 years ago. I can't believe I never had the chance to watch COWBOY BEBOP. This is real art. I'm in awe. I new it was a good anime but not that it was so good. Plus Yoko Kanno is such a master composer!!! Most of my fav anime soundtracks have her stamp on it: Please Save my Earth, Wolf's Rain, Rahxephon, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

Here my very favorite scene of this timeless Space Opera:
COWBOY BEBOP clip episode 5 - Ballad of the Fallen Angels - Blue Bird
If you can't watch the whole 7 minutes. Skip to 4:15 min. Love that part! The music is so nice.
By the way, this is one of those few anime I love the english dub better than the original jap. Beautiful job!
Video posted in Youtube by Allstar21369

The weekend was a total waste of time. I hate waking up late but I felt so tired... I'm supposed to be looking for a better job. So I guess May is just starting and I have to go back to reality.

Oh well.

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Yeah, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are still pretty popular (though Cowboy Bebop a little more so).

Actually, my best anime of all time is Evangelion. And this has the retro style of the 90's so maybe that's why i feel so nostalgic as I am watching Cowboy Bebop even thought I never was fan of the series before.

I never watched Evangelion all the way through. I used to catch sporadic episodes on Adult Swim back when they used to broadcast it, but since I never caught it in order, I never knew what was going on. Add to it the fact that it was Evangelion and, well... yeah. One day I'll try again, just not until I get the rest of my backlog taken care of.

Forget last century! Watch the new Evangelion

Hehehe... I know going through the whole episodes could be a pain because the art is outdated. I own the remastered version and it still feels retro. But forget that!!!!
Whenever you have time why not instead watch the 2 (out of 4) released films from THE NEW EVANGELION!!
HOpefully you can rent the DVD (or blueray) and enjoy them.

...I'm such a fan. I think I'll post a trailer on the blog.

Re: Forget last century! Watch the new Evangelion

Haha... there are no rental places in business around here. D'ya think Netflix has them available for streaming?

Re: Forget last century! Watch the new Evangelion

I`m not sure. I don`t have NetFlixh yet *sob* *sob*

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