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PSME Music Image Video: The Passing of the Golden Age
I can't help it! Once I get hyped about something I just have to keep the excitement going. And this time I'm revisiting everything Please Save my Earth (Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte) related.

I recently finished all the available translated manga from PSME 2 so It was only natural that I had to go back to the original PSME to keep the mood up or I'll end up frustrated at my poor knowledge of japanese language (rant ends).

And... Oh la la! what I found!

I got my hands on these Original Music Image videos that were released right after the six (6) OVAs. Yay! I didn't even knew about their existence until yesterday. They are lovely to watch and they also have with some few original images based on the manga. I guess they released them as a compensation for the lack of closure from the 6 OVAS. I think of them more as fanmade AMVs like the ones you find on youtube.

Here some sample of them:

The story through the eyes of Rin
(note: a lot of *SPOILERS*. So maybe you should read the manga first or they won't make much sense...)

Quite dramatic, eh? Poor Rin, overflown with the sad memories of Shion.
Note: You can also check the rest of the videos in youtube. Please check Tack0320 channel
Or even better! buy the DVD ...if you can find it.

"Moonlight Athem"
Enju's unrequited love for Gyokuran

Always heartbreaking. I have always feel touched by Enju/Issei story in the manga.

"Mikasuki no Shindai"
Mokuren's back story
(Video + Lyrics + English Translation)


Rin and Alice Please save my earth

Here some few links I found browsing through the web that might interest you:
(of course, if you can find the original material, please buy and support the artists).

Enjoy this little trip to the 90's. I really feel nostalgic when I see the  animation sequences. Sweet golden times!

Shion and Mokuren from Please Save my Earth

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