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Please save my Earth 2 is being translated again!
Yes! And yet another surprise! Saki Hiwatari's story "Please Save My Earth 2" or "Embraced by the Moonlight" or "Reincarnations II" or "Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari" or... as you like it... FINALLY was picked up again by the english translation group Tsuki Scans. Yay!
Some random cover & images (click to enlarge):
Please save my earth 2 embraced by the moonlight alice from please save my earth 2 reincarnations embraced by the moonlight ren mokuren and shion from Please save my earth reincarnations II embraced by the moonlight

I'm so happy!! Really, I can't contain myself. Please Save my Earth is undoubtely my favorite manga of all times. I own it in digital form (different qualities), I bought the original volumes in english and japanese (which cost me a fortune to ship from japan more than a decade ago).

I've been so eager for this sequel since I learned about the original japanese release ...years and years ago. I knew there was no chance for a USA version so I kept collecting the raw scans in hopeless despair (I should really start learning japanese). And I started buying the french version by Edition Tonkan with the idea of practicing my French -which is still at a very mediocre level- But then I just found out that it suddenly stopped at volume 9 ...why o why?!*sob*.

Now I feel so relieved! Of course, I will still buy the japanese and the french versions (I love the french covers!) but the scanlations will keep my mood up while I am still broke and underemployed.

To tell the truth. I prefer the mangaka, Saki Hiwatari's art in the original series (specially by the final volumes it was deliciously beautiful). But I am glad to see my favorite characters come back to life in this endearing story.

More about this:
Check this blogger review of the books (also pictures and the french version):
(there's also spoiler pictures of the latest release. Volume 10)
Wikipedia (of course!): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boku_wo_Tsutsumu_Tsuki_no_Hikari
Mangafox: http://mangafox.me/manga/boku_wo_tsutsumu_tsuki_no_hikari/
Original story PSME: http://mangafox.me/manga/please_save_my_earth/
(by the way, It's a nice coincidence I found about this around Earth Day. The manga has a beautiful message).

Edit: Thanks to Pocky for reminding me about the Please Save my Earth DVDs. Actually, that's how I came to know about the manga (like most people). The anime ends abruptly in episode 6 and leaves you wanting MORE. So I just HAD to read the manga and what a surprise to find out it was one of the most beautiful stories ever written.

A link to the PSME youtube episodes:

...I also found out today that Full Metal Panic has a new series of light novels called FMP Another. But if Kurz is not in it... I will not bother.

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Hi, there. Pocky from the Pumpkin Scissors group here...

I remember when PSME was on KTEH when I was in high school. It was added after Key the Metal Idol ended, but I never watched it because we were in the process of moving so we couldn't set up the VCR to tape PSME the way we did for Key and Urusei Yatsura. I always wanted to watch it, but the video tapes were so expensive at the time. Was it ever released to DVD?

Hey Pocky. Thanks for reminding me! Yes! It was released on DVD. That's actually how I came to know about the story... hehehe... They were only 6 episodes released for PSME (the graphics were really good for that time) but sadly... even worse than Pumpkin Scissons it was abruptly finished and the story was never continued. I believe it was more of a prologue to sell the manga or something like that.

Amazon info on the DVD (this is the one I own. I am not sure if they released another version):

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