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Pumpkin Scissors still rocks!!! Volume 15 released this year.
I just noticed Volume 15 of Ryoutarou Iwanaga's manga Pumpkin Scissors was released this year!!! woo-hoo!

Pumpkin Scissors volume 15 cover

To celebrate I quickly made a chibi of Alice (she's so cute and outspoken! Once I thought of her of a female version of Eduard Elrich aka. FullMetal Alchemist).
Alice Marvin from Pumpkin Scissors chibi fanart

This drawing should be part of the 2007 chibi series:
randel randell oland pumpkin scissors chibi fanart alice marvin pumpkin scissors chibi fanart

To tell the truth I haven't been keeping up with the relases when I heard about the manga hiatus the serialization had during 2008 and even less since Geocities dissapeared and took away my PS fanpage.
But I browsed through the japanese material and it still rocks my world. I love the story and the new characters they have been introducing and, even more, they have been developing the Alice and Randel relationship (which is, ahem! the reason I still follow.

I noticed great improvement on the art of the series specially in the last 3 or 4 volumes. I am more excited to see the manga develop further. It's a shame the anime will not continue (it stopped in volume 5) and the english translation hopes evaporated with the dilution of Del Rey (no more official manga books releases to the US). But I hope some scanlation group picks this up. Or... maybe I should really study japanese for real.

Here some info about the anime/manga:
Deviantart art group:

Livejournal Pumpkin Scissors Community. Check it out!

One of my fav openings
song: Aoki Flamme
credit: Voenkommunist at youtube


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