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Deviantart: Lineart and coloring Candy Candy
Deviant 2
I'm having fun with my tablet and Paint Tool Sai. I am even learning how to create a decent digital lineart. I've been reading some tutorials at Deviantart. I love that place. Anybody that has an interest in art should have an account there and check it out. Well, I had to make a submittion for the very anticipated Guerra Florida and I had this concept art in my head for a while so I took some time and worked on it.

I have to say that, by far, this is my best digital work:

"You're prettier when you smile"

Candy and Albert fanart by me. Colored in Paint Tool Sai.Candy and Albert fanart. Linework.
(click on each picture to enlarge on Deviantart)

I really have to give thanks to the Guerra Florida that brought me back the inspiration to draw Candy Candy. What is a Guerra Florida you say? It's an annual event that takes place in this forum http://www.elainecandy.com/f19-gf-2012 where fans of the famous Anime/Manga Candy Candy (by Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi) gather and have fun posting fanwork defending their favorite characters from the series.

I'm obviously an Albertfan. But I have to admit, when I was younger I was crazy about Terry (and mom was always pro-Anthony). Oh those happy days. I remember Candy Candy was the only "Telenovela" I was allowed to watch at home... hehehe...
But honestly, the manga is much better. Catch up with it here: Read Candy Candy manga online

Well, conclusion. I am satisfied with my work. It still takes me time but it cuts the work load by half at least. I have to admit it still such a pain to color. Hopefully with some more practice I can do it faster and better.

But I am so happy for being able to draw again