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B's garden:

My personal garden where Hobbies and Passtimes grow

Please Save my Earth Final Book arrived at last! + new PSME 2 release
Yes! I got mail from Japan! And it's that beautiful collector book from Please Save my Earth. Got it from Ebay! I am so thrilled!!!! The images are so beautiful! I had some of them in digital form but having them in print is so delicious. If you're a fan of the series I do recommend you get your hands on this book and have it in your bookshelves.

Also. I just found out that Tsuki Scans released the translated PSME 2 chapter 18 from volume 5 HERE:
To celebrate! Here is one of my very favorite PSME AMVs:
-fanvid by Ookamiko1-
download vid here: Anime AMVs

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Candy Candy the final story book and a drawing
Deviant 2
Thanks to this excellent blog entry (which I've read countless times) I am determined to buy the Novel "Candy Candy final story". It's in japanese, of course, but I've been trying to work on my knowledge of the language for years. So that will also keep me motivated.

It looks like I can find the books in Amazon.com:

Meanwhile, yesterday, in this parts of the World was Mother's day. So I took some minutes to finish my ensemble composition.

William Albert and Candy in the office

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Rebuild of Evangelion: Evangelion is better than ever!

Well, just because I felt like it. I'm posting a trailer for the first installment of the 4 new Evangelion Movies. I guess you could call it THE final version of Evangelion.

The animation was rebuilt (not remastered) done-all-over-again frame by frame to the most advance techniques. The first 3 movies will retell the story and, it is said, the final movie will be completely new.

I can't believe how many times I would recomend someone to watch it. If you watched the other versions, most certainly watch it! If you never watched evangelion before; then, forget the old episodes and embrace the new century!

Here the trailer with completely new animation.

Evangelion 1.11 You are (not) alone
(follows the original series very close)

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Deviantart: Coloring Candy Candy Chibis and some other updates
Deviant 2

Trastuspies, a deviant artist encouraged me to paint this old 2007 sketch.
(Candy Candy Fanart)
Candy Candy chibis Wiliiam Albert Candy Terry Neil Archie Stear Anthony
Click to enlarge and go to deviantart
Disclaimer:  No intention to offend any fan with this art. This is just for fun.

I'm on my 30's and I'm still fascinated with that story of clumsy and spirited Candy Candy. Even more of her love interest: William Albert, the Prince of the Hill (and what a multimillionaire catch! Way to go, girl!)

Kyoko Mizuki, the writer, did a good work with this loveinterest (at least in the manga) he represents the amalgam of all the best feautures of Candy's love interests.
  • He had Antony's looks and his sensitibity (or was it the other way around?)
  • He had the smarts, the laughter and adventurous nature of Stear *sob* *sob*
  • He had elegance and nice clothes like Archie (specially when he is William)
  • He had the money like the Leagans
  • He had the passion, rebelliousness and a certain sexy air of mystery like Terry (my anime crush back in my teen years)
Plus, Mizuki also added some mirror qualities of the heroine: He loves nature, is always smiling, has her free spirit and speaks his own mind. Yes, I'm such an AlbertFan... hehehe.

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PSME Music Image Video: The Passing of the Golden Age
I can't help it! Once I get hyped about something I just have to keep the excitement going. And this time I'm revisiting everything Please Save my Earth (Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte) related.

I recently finished all the available translated manga from PSME 2 so It was only natural that I had to go back to the original PSME to keep the mood up or I'll end up frustrated at my poor knowledge of japanese language (rant ends).

And... Oh la la! what I found!

I got my hands on these Original Music Image videos that were released right after the six (6) OVAs. Yay! I didn't even knew about their existence until yesterday. They are lovely to watch and they also have with some few original images based on the manga. I guess they released them as a compensation for the lack of closure from the 6 OVAS. I think of them more as fanmade AMVs like the ones you find on youtube.

Here some sample of them:

The story through the eyes of Rin
(note: a lot of *SPOILERS*. So maybe you should read the manga first or they won't make much sense...)

Quite dramatic, eh? Poor Rin, overflown with the sad memories of Shion.
Note: You can also check the rest of the videos in youtube. Please check Tack0320 channel
Or even better! buy the DVD ...if you can find it.

"Moonlight Athem"
Enju's unrequited love for Gyokuran

Always heartbreaking. I have always feel touched by Enju/Issei story in the manga.

"Mikasuki no Shindai"
Mokuren's back story
(Video + Lyrics + English Translation)


Rin and Alice Please save my earth

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Please save my Earth 2 is being translated again!
Yes! And yet another surprise! Saki Hiwatari's story "Please Save My Earth 2" or "Embraced by the Moonlight" or "Reincarnations II" or "Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari" or... as you like it... FINALLY was picked up again by the english translation group Tsuki Scans. Yay!
Some random cover & images (click to enlarge):
Please save my earth 2 embraced by the moonlight alice from please save my earth 2 reincarnations embraced by the moonlight ren mokuren and shion from Please save my earth reincarnations II embraced by the moonlight

I'm so happy!! Really, I can't contain myself. Please Save my Earth is undoubtely my favorite manga of all times. I own it in digital form (different qualities), I bought the original volumes in english and japanese (which cost me a fortune to ship from japan more than a decade ago).

More about PSME 2...Collapse )
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Pumpkin Scissors still rocks!!! Volume 15 released this year.
I just noticed Volume 15 of Ryoutarou Iwanaga's manga Pumpkin Scissors was released this year!!! woo-hoo!

Pumpkin Scissors volume 15 cover

To celebrate I quickly made a chibi of Alice (she's so cute and outspoken! Once I thought of her of a female version of Eduard Elrich aka. FullMetal Alchemist).
Alice Marvin from Pumpkin Scissors chibi fanart

This drawing should be part of the 2007 chibi series:
randel randell oland pumpkin scissors chibi fanart alice marvin pumpkin scissors chibi fanart

More about Pumpkin Scissors...Collapse )

Deviantart: Lineart and coloring Candy Candy
Deviant 2
I'm having fun with my tablet and Paint Tool Sai. I am even learning how to create a decent digital lineart. I've been reading some tutorials at Deviantart. I love that place. Anybody that has an interest in art should have an account there and check it out. Well, I had to make a submittion for the very anticipated Guerra Florida and I had this concept art in my head for a while so I took some time and worked on it.

I have to say that, by far, this is my best digital work:

"You're prettier when you smile"

Candy and Albert fanart by me. Colored in Paint Tool Sai.Candy and Albert fanart. Linework.
(click on each picture to enlarge on Deviantart)

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Reading and drawing: two of my passions are back to me
Hey! Just a few seeds to contribute to the update of this garden :-)

Something old: Spring is coming! I have been a busy bee cleaning the dust of most my old Deviantart account. I even tried practicing with some digitones and posted some. Not bad, I say. I am glad to be able to draw again.
Something new: I always need to keep track of the books I've read and someone pointed this site to me. I find it very interesting. You can review books you're read and also see the ratings of the books you want to read. My account:

Steins;Gate one of my favorite anime this year
Thanks to Mamoru, I just discovered this interesting anime. This is based on a Xbox360/PSP/PC game (sorry, only in japanese). So, as you can guess, the dialogue writing and plot are flawless. The voice acting (same as in the game) is superb. Bwahahaha~!

Here a trailer vid:
fan-made trailer

This fan-vid is so well timed, is ridiculously hilarious. Tu-tu-ruuu~!

All the good games stay in japan (curse you, western distribuitors!). So I am waiting for the translated PSP patched version of the Steins;Gate game. More information here:


Give it a chance if you like non-conventional anime.
El Psy Congroo
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